Messer Lab — People

Philipp W. Messer

Principal Investigator

Headshot_2Philipp studied Physics and Human Physiology at the University of Cologne. After obtaining his Diploma in Theoretical Physics under the supervision of Michael Lassig, he pursued a doctorate with Martin Vingron and Peter Arndt at the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. He received his PhD in Computational Biology (summa cum laude) from the Department of Mathematics at the Free University Berlin. For his postdoc, Philipp worked in Dmitri Petrov’s lab at Stanford as a Human Frontiers Science Program long-term postdoctoral fellow. In 2014, he joined the Department of Computational Biology at Cornell University. Download CV

Benjamin C. Haller

Scientific Programmer

Anna Maria Langmüller


portrait (1).jpg

Ian Caldas

Graduate Student


Mitchell Lokey

Graduate Student


Samuel Champer

Graduate Student


Isabel Kim

Graduate Student


Anna Clark

Visiting Graduate Student


Meera Chotai

Graduate Rotation Student

MeeraC_Headshot (1)

Kiran Chandrasekher

Undergraduate Student

Beliz Erdogmus

Undergraduate Student

Former members:

Runxi Shen: Graduate Student (CB)
Jackson Champer: Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ronin Sharma: Undergraduate Student
Jing Sun: Undergraduate Student
Matthew Metzloff: Undergraduate Student
Sandra Lapinska: Undergraduate Student
Yiran Li: Undergraduate Student
Lin Xie: Undergraduate Student
Nathan Oakes: Graduate Student (CB)
Jingxian “Clara” Liu: Undergraduate Honors Student
Andrew Vaughn: Undergraduate Honors Student
Emily Yang: Undergraduate Student
Yineng Xu: Graduate Rotation Student (GGD)
Hongya Zhu: Graduate Rotation Student (GGD)
Shagun Gupta: Graduate Rotation Student (CB)
Joanna Zhao: Undergraduate Student
Anisha Luthra: Undergraduate Student
Runyang “Nicolas” Lou: Graduate Rotation Student (NR)
Andrew Marderstein: Undergraduate Honors Student
Henry Kunerth: Graduate Rotation Student (EEB)
Aaron Sams: Postdoctoral Research Associate
Lucas Ducrot: Undergraduate Student
Ying Qiao: Graduate Rotation Student (CB)
Antoine Barthelet: Graduate Rotation Student (CB)
Rebecca Stambler: Undergraduate Student
Andy Ding: Graduate Rotation Student (GGD)
Florencia Schlamp: Graduate Rotation Student (GGD)
Jamal Elkhader: Graduate Rotation Student (Tri-I CBM)
Manisha Munasinghe: Graduate Rotation Student (CB)
Madeline Kwicklis: Undergraduate Student
Lewis Chesebrough: Undergraduate Student
Julian van der Made: Graduate Research Assistant

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